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Drug testing is an ineffective, unreliable, and inexcusably invasive form of security theater forced on the American people based on deliberately skewed data, public ignorance, and moral panic, and it continues operating on those frauds to this day, mostly because those of us who are aware of the facts must live in fear of being targeted as addicts. This blog is intended to raise public awareness of the real facts about drug testing that the testing companies don't want you to know, and to provide some tools to the public by which they can raise awareness while maintaining anonymity. I will also be accepting guest posts, if anyone has a story about drug testing injustices they would like to get out anonymously, or if anyone just has something to say against drug testing in general.

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Where o where have all the drug users gone?

Remember how they forced everyone on public assistance in Florida to take a drug test as a precondition of receiving said assistance, based on the premise that everyone on public assistance must be on drugs because after all about 98% of all working people are drug testing six ways from Sunday?  And then it turned out that only 2% came up positive?

Where are all the drug users then?  Seriously, if drug testing is as accurate as the drug testing industry claims and most misinformed Americans assume, then we should have seen a 98% positive rate and not a 2% rate, since the workplaces are nearly totally saturated with piss testing.  That is a logical prediction based on the assumption that drug testing is accurate and that it prevents drug users from finding work.  If those assumptions were actually true, we should have seen a much different result from that governmental violation of the less fortunate.

Why is this so invisible to people?  Why is this extremely logical conclusion completely eluding people?  If drug testing is accurate and is pretty much universally practiced across the board, then it stands to reason that all the drug users must be unemployed (though how they'd be expected to afford their drugs is beyond me).  If 98% of welfare recipients are not on drugs, based on the results of the drug tests and the assumption that such tests are accurate and reliable, then where are the drug users?

It is fairly clear from the evidence that either the numbers of drug users in the country are wrong or that drug testing is inaccurate and unreliable.  Either we don't really have a drug problem in this country at all and the statistics are exaggerated or just outright fabricated, or drug testing is a scam.

So here is my challenge to all you benighted people who actually believe in the efficacy of drug testing:  I want you to find these drug users and present them to the world.  I want to know where they are all hiding since, assuming drug testing works, they can't be in the workforce and they can't be on welfare or public assistance.  So where are they?

I'd like a non-convoluted answer to that, but I don't think you have one to give me.  Because charlatans are based on fabrications and fast talk, with neither fact nor logic to back them up.

Your day is coming to an end within the next ten years, right about when you can no longer pad your numbers with marijuana users and your scam is exposed for what it is.  I hope you bastards in the drug testing industry are saving your pennies for your inevitable unemployment--or incarceration, depending on how involved you turn out to be when they finally seize the drug testing industry's records and discover the corruption you've been engaging in for the last thirty years.

Have fun.

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