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Drug testing is an ineffective, unreliable, and inexcusably invasive form of security theater forced on the American people based on deliberately skewed data, public ignorance, and moral panic, and it continues operating on those frauds to this day, mostly because those of us who are aware of the facts must live in fear of being targeted as addicts. This blog is intended to raise public awareness of the real facts about drug testing that the testing companies don't want you to know, and to provide some tools to the public by which they can raise awareness while maintaining anonymity. I will also be accepting guest posts, if anyone has a story about drug testing injustices they would like to get out anonymously, or if anyone just has something to say against drug testing in general.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

If this isn't a tantrum...

...then I don't know what is.

I know this is probably a bit old, but I find myself still chuckling over it.  Portland, Maine is going to vote on ending marijuana prohibition in their city and, as is their right, the anti-prohibitionists put up advertisements raising awareness of the facts and persuading people to vote in favor of legalization--and instead of just putting up their own prohibitionist ads full of lies, as has been their tradition for forty years, they tried to force the ads to be taken down.

Is that rich or what?

The fact is, the anti-legalization crowd no longer has any weapons.  Their arguments were based from day one on lies and fear and ignorance, and as the population begins to lose their ignorance about drugs and therefore lose their fear, the lies no longer have any power.  The pro-legalization side is getting their message out, and the pro-legalization message has the benefit of not only being new and different, but effective and based on fact and science.  The pro-legalization side is not only well-informed but well-connected with one another and can easily combat lies from our opponents over our networks.  Former prohibitionists like CNN's Dr. Sanjay are switching sides, adding even more credibility to those who oppose the Drug War and its many failures.

Let's face it.  At this point, posting more lies we've already heard and seen debunked about the "dangers" of marijuana are not going to work anymore.  And spreading lies about what various pro-legalization bills will do to hurt marijuana users and businesses (such as those that helped them win Prop 19 in California in 2010) will not work anymore either.

They have been reduced to throwing a temper tantrum and demanding that our side no longer be allowed to speak.  And they got shot down, as they should have.

It is definitely a sweet thing to think about, that they have so little left with which to fight us that they must resort to trying to strongarm us into silence.  It shows not only how much they are losing, but how much they actually know it.  They know that in ten years' time we will all be pissing on the grave of the failed Drug War and their undeserved money train, and they can almost taste it, it's so close and so very inevitable.

I feel like Cartman at the end of "Scott Tenorman Must Die", don't you?  I can't wait to taste their tears of unfathomable sadness, the tears of Drug War profiteers who now have to go out and find real jobs--in a world that will show them no sympathy for all the years they violated our flesh and terrorized our population and destroyed the futures of our children.  I personally hope that every person who worked in a Drug War profiteering company is entirely unemployable when this war ends.  Poetic justice.

Have I said that before on this blog, or was that in a comment on NORML?  Well, I don't care.  It bears repeating.

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