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Drug testing is an ineffective, unreliable, and inexcusably invasive form of security theater forced on the American people based on deliberately skewed data, public ignorance, and moral panic, and it continues operating on those frauds to this day, mostly because those of us who are aware of the facts must live in fear of being targeted as addicts. This blog is intended to raise public awareness of the real facts about drug testing that the testing companies don't want you to know, and to provide some tools to the public by which they can raise awareness while maintaining anonymity. I will also be accepting guest posts, if anyone has a story about drug testing injustices they would like to get out anonymously, or if anyone just has something to say against drug testing in general.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Drug Testing's Useful Idiots Part 2: The Talisman to Ward Off Drug Evil (ooh!)

Just a short example of what one can expect from the misinformed.  I was subtly expressing my problems with our shiny new workplace no-cause drug testing program and this dim bulb actually said the following:

"Well, what you ought to be afraid of is some meth-head busting in here and shooting up the place for sudafed."


If you aren't also facepalming at that comment, you need to learn how to logic.

She seriously seems to believe that I and her and every employee being under constant intimate internal surveillance at all times is somehow going to prevent a meth-head from trying to rob the place for sudafed.  And she said that with a straight face.  Unbelievable.

I'm sure that she, like other pro-drug testing misinformed cowards, doesn't realize that the corporate hose between her legs has zero effect on

1) Who is allowed to enter the store

2) who is allowed to shop at the store

3) who is allowed to attempt to purchase sudafed

4) whether or not the store can be robbed for sudafed or any other reason

For crying out loud, YOU are the one being forced to piss in a cup, honey!  NOT the customers!  Hey, I'm open-minded, but entirely skeptical that you could possibly come up with any way, any mechanism in the process of you or me being drug testing (with or without cause) that could possibly prevent meth-heads from entering the store with a gun for the purposes of armed robbery.

This is one of Drug Testing's Useful Idiot arguments right here:  The "Drug Testing is a Magic Amulet of Protection" claim.  These arguments are advanced by the kind of uninformed and/or misinformed pro-drug testing person who, devoid of any factual information about drug testing and having no idea how the purported "science" behind it is supposed to even work, seems to regard it as a magical talisman that will protect us all by warding off drug users, as if drug testing has magic meth-head repelling powers like a mystical version of OFF, and that no drug user can come within fifty feet of a company with a robust no-cause drug testing program.  These people can get pretty ugly, as cowards will when protecting their security blanket.

Sad, really.  And scary that anyone could be this dense about reality.  Also, contemptible that anyone could be so dismissive of the rights of others in their pursuit of the illusion of safety.

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